ESG Fire Resistant Glass


At ESG we recognise the diverse needs for Fire Resistant Safety Glass products, and have devised the highly technical, comprehensive ESG Pyrotech™ range.

ESG Pyrotech™ can be used in doors, screens and as partitioning in a vast array of applications.

Whether you are an architect, a Health & Safety officer, a contractor, a glazier, a specifier or a partitioner, talking to ESG about the types of Fire Resistant Safety Glass products available makes practical and commercial sense.


ESG’s range of fire resistant products offer high levels of performance and utilise lightweight materials which have been selected following extensive research by the in-house product and development team and certified through Europe’s leading testing and accreditation laboratories.

ESG’s range of fire-resistant glass is offered in increasing levels of protection & is suited to a multitude of different applications.

With advances made in glass processing by ESG, it is possible to produce not only a suitable fire resistant safety glass for many applications, but also one that will address other functions; such as sound attenuation, increased levels of security, privacy and ballistic performance; all in one specially created panel.

Applications include:

Facades - Partitioning - Timber & Steel Doors - Counter Screens


We are committed to giving customer satisfaction through service provision of the highest standard. This applies to all areas of our business and is central to our mission.

Our products are tested in house and by Europe’s leading Independent, third-party certifiers and testers such as BRE, TNO, Technalia, Wiltshire Ballistics and the British Standards Institute which distinguish our products and services from our competitors, and gives you, our customers, confidence about their performance.


BSI Kite Mark Licence – KM 511207 (For Impact – BS EN 12600:Class1, and Toughened glass - BS EN 12150 only. 
Plus Fragmentation tested under BS EN 12150 by BSI)

Approved & Certified by CERTIFIRE for ESG Pyrotech™ E30 in timber and steel doors and screens, and ESG Pyrotech™ E30 and E60 within steel doors and screens – Certification Number: CF 628


BS EN 356 : 2000
(Glass in Building – Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack).

LPS 1270 Issue 1

(Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant security glazing units).


BS EN 1063:2000 Security Glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack


BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008 – FM 511206
Audit Body – BSI (British Standards Institute)

Originally Registered – 8th January 2007


BSI Kite Mark Licence – KM 511207
Class 1 Toughened Glass - BS EN 12150 : 2000

(Glass in building. Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass)

Impact Tested – BS EN 12600 : 2002
(Glass in building. Pendulum test. Impact test method and classification for flat glass)


BSI Kite Mark Licence – KM 511207

Laminated / Toughened Laminated Glass – BS EN 14449 : 2005 (Glass in building. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass)

Tested in accordance to – BS EN 12543-4 : 1998
(Glass in building. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Test methods for durability)


BSI Kite Mark Licence – KM 511207

Heatsoaked Glass – BS EN 14179 : 2005
(Glass in building. Heat-soaked thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass)