ESG launch their new climate control glass - Solarchromic XP

ESG are pleased to announce the launch of another new product with massive ‘green’ credentials. In an addition to our Solarchromic range, we have now introduced Solarchromic XP. This new product, along with the others in the range, is designed to help create a much more energy efficient property by reducing energy consumption and costs.  Solarchromic XP tints gradually in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight, this tinting reduces the amount of solar heat energy that is emitted through the glass, keeping rooms at a much lower temperature. This means there is a less of a requirement for air conditioning, fans and other cooling products reducing the amount of electricity used by the property - cutting costs and reducing the properties carbon footprint. Compared with other self-tinting glazing or dynamic window systems; Solarchromic XP is a passive or ‘off the grid’ product, meaning that unlike the other products which need an electric or mechanical input to work, Solarchromic XP works by drawing all the energy it needs to work from the sun.  This not only adds to the cost saving the product offers but means that it is not liable to mechanical failure. Because Solarchromic XP blocks almost 99% of UV rays it also helps to protect internal decorations such as wallpaper, paintings and carpets, as it is the UV rays that inflict sun damage and decrease useable life of these products. Although it cannot stop this UV damage entirely, it drastically reduces the damage caused. Solarchromic XP is the eco glazing product of the future, independently changing to maximise performance and therefore the cost saving to the user.

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