‘ESG Managing Director - Scott Sinden,  Looks ahead to 2014’

2013 has been another strong year for ESG, building further on the good performance in 2012. Despite a challenging economic environment, for the last few years we have managed to achieve continued growth. This growth has seen our entire business pushed to production capacity. This climaxed in the final quarter of the year, when we had production working 24/7 and our lead times pushed to 30% above our standard production times.

On behalf of the management team, I would like to thank all of our staff for working so hard during this time to ensure that we could clear our back log and get back to our standard service levels for the start of 2014, but most importantly like to thank our customers for working with us and their continued patience during this time.

As you will read in other articles on this newsletter we are well under way in the implementation of many new solutions to ensure that we are not pushed to those limits again. Like any successful business, we realise that investment in people and product diversification are also areas key to maintaining growth. We have already started the new phase of staff recruitment, with new faces joining us in the last quarter, with more joining in the first quarter of 2014. Our R&D department have also had a productive year, since the very successful launch of our new controllable ranges at Grand Designs. Of course I can’t tell you what they have been up to, but we are very excited about two new products that are in the final stages of design, which will reinforce ESG’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of glass technology. We believe that all of our customers will begin to fully benefit from these changes at the start of the second quarter.

So finally, I would like to again extend my sincere thanks to all of customers who have all helped us deliver exceptional results in difficult economic conditions. With the changes that we have in place, we are looking forward to this year being another positive year for ESG and all our customers. 

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