ESG Switchable™ iD makes its mark

When most companies think about branding, they think of the internet, magazines and billboards, with the work place more often than not over looked. This internal branding is not only an integral part of brand building to any visiting  client, but also key in helping turn your employees into brand champions who help to grow your companies reputation.


ESG, the UK’s premier manufacturer of controllable glass solutions, as part of their next generation of LCD Privacy Glass have taken corporate branding to the next level with the latest edition to their hugely successful ESG Switchable™ range of LCD Privacy glass. Until now, all switchable glass has consisted of switchable panels that can only be switched simply from optically clear to opaque.


However using the very latest manufacturing techniques, ESG are now able to create logos and wording within their switchable glass panels. This means that their ESG Switchable™ iD range can not only be operated as standard LCD privacy glass but can now also display the inserted design as opaque if the panel is switched to clear and vice versa – logo clear and the glass opaque.


This new range is powered by ESG’s new fully redesigned and patented* control box. The new ESG Switchable™ HD box is designed to make installation easier with its colour coded plug and play wiring system and is fully CE Certified. It comes with a host of new features, such as LCD Preservation mode, LCD Film Protection circuitry and FRQ synchronisation;  these features are unique to the ESG Switchable™ controller, and therefore can be found across the entire ‘next generation switchable glass range’.


*Patent Pending

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