ESG Switchable launch iNTouch and iNControl

The ESG Switchable product range has for many years been seen as leaders in new technology. Our high tech controller range introduces many features never seen before in this market, every one designed to optimize the levels for performance of our Switchable LCD film as well as helping to prolong the life of the film. Our sample cases have been described as the best looking and easiest to use on the market. Design of our product has always been just as important as the functions and features. We develope all of our products in house and as such are able to look at design trends in the market and look at how to improve our products to help them to integrate with these trends. With this in mind we are pleased to announce our new range of electronic control products.integrated into the glass

iNTouch and iNControl are two new products designed to be integrated into the glass giving stylish and modern controls for not only the Switchable glass but also building BMS systems. Both products are finished in stylish carbon fibre to give a modern look.

iNTouch has been designed specifically to control our ESG Switchable glass and will only work in conjunction with ESG Switchable HD-2 and 4K controllers. iNTouch wireless switches are mounted into the glass panel so that the glass can be easily controlled as users enter and leave the room.

iNControl has also been designed to integrate within the glass. This stylish product allows for the installation of a tablet into the glass to then control whatever facilities the users BMS controls. Modern offices are increasingly using meeting management systems hosted on tablets outside of meeting rooms for booking. Currently these tablets are mounted on the frame work and can often look like an after thought in the design process. iNControl allows integration of these products seemlessly into the glass. iNControl cases also include the power supplies required to power the tablet..

For more details please contact our Technical Team @ ESG

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