ESG Tufflam is used the create stunning 3 storey staircase

A global brand name in the cosmetics world has recently finished work on their new multi million pound UK and Ireland headquarters. Situated in the heart of London, this 150,000 square foot has been designed to not only be the administration hub but also house all of its education facilities along side a selection of branded retail store fronts.

Designed to be an inspiring, collaborative and agile workspace that improves employee productivity and efficiency with all staff under one roof. the impressive foyer of the new building is lined with TV monitors and display boards showing the latest TV and print ad campaigns. At the end of the foyer, staff and visitors are greeted with a 3 storey glass and marble staircase edged in brass.

The staircase weighs over 40 tonnes and is suspended from 50 metal rods that run from the ground floor into the ceiling of the 2nd floor. The whole stair case is edged with 43 pieces of ESG toughened laminated glass totalling over 110 square meters.

ESG needed to accurately CNC 15 of the of the panels so that they could sit perfectly onto the constructed staircase frame. The glass on each landing was chemically bonded into the floor instead of using channel or track giving a much cleaner look to the install. The supplied glass was 21.5mm toughened laminated and too ensure that the light transmission levels were at their highest, the glass used in the construction was low iron which also gives a better purity of colour.

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