Exclusive fine dining with ESG Switchable™ Glass

Fine dining in this newly built restaurant in Newcastle be made an even more exclusive experience thanks to the inclusion of ESG Switchable™ LCD privacy glass in its internal partitioning system. At the mid point of the dining area an internal partition with double doors allows staff to close off one half of the restaurant for private functions. The decision to use a glass partition over a solid wall was taken by the interior designers to keep the layout of the restaurant as light and open plan as possible.

Once the doors are closed, although they can provide the acoustic privacy the visual element still had to be tackled. The use of curtains or blinds were ruled out, not only through the 'dated' look either option presented, but also they both can harbor dirt and dust if not regularly cleaned. 12mm ESG Switchable™ was installed to create a  solution which worked instantly and is low maintenance for the staff, as well as being a talking point for visitors to the restaurant. The system is operated via wireless switch and uses 3 ESG Switchable™ HD-1 controllers linked together in a master/slave configuration so that all of the controllers act in the same manner.   

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