How secure is the glass in your jewellery store window?

How secure is the glass in your jewellery store window?’ Is the question ESG will be asking visitors to the International Jewellery Show at London’s Earls Court 2, 1-4 September.

Security is a major concern for jewellery retailers, and these stores are traditional targets for smash and grab raids, with high value items on show to potential thieves in their shop windows.

However, the glass they are using may not stand up to intruders, especially those armed with tools such as hammers or axes. Insurance companies are also now starting to introduce minimum standards for the security glass used by jewellery stores.

Scott Sinden, Managing Director of ESG, said: “Getting the balance between glass which gives customers a clear view of your products, and maintaining a high level of security, can be a tough challenge for jewellery retailers.

“Our ESG Secure range is available as thin as 10mm, and offers the highest visual quality and light transmission for the customer. By using the latest technology, our range is thinner and lighter and can often be incorporated into existing frames.

“We can integrate many decorative effects such as screen-printing, sandblasted designs, tints, and our glass can also be produced in shapes or curves. Where required fire resistant options, which are certified to E30 or E60, are also available.

“All our security glass is fully tested to various standards including EN356 and LPS 1270, and is third party certified and approved, ensuring its quality, performance and durability.”

ESG offer a wide range of security glass from entry-level products that will resist an opportunist manual attack, to intruder and bullet resistant glass, in sizes up to 2.5m x 4.5m depending on the product specified. ESG Switchable can also be incorporated into the glass, which turns opaque to hide the window display at the touch of a button or if the window is attacked.

To find out if the security glass in your store will stop an intruder, visit ESG on Stand F152 at the International Jewellery Show.

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