Oculus Film Preview - ESG helps Hollywood

New horror film Oculus is centered around a mirror that holds the answer for multiple unsolved murders. A ghoulish world where the Lasser Glass traps and holds the ghosts of those unfortunate enough to come in contact with it. The full story I wont reveal here, but if you are a fan of the horror movie, I'd suggest a watch.

When a preview night for the film was held in Leicester Square recently - the organisers wanted to bring the mysterious world of the Lasser Glass to real life. They wanted a mirror to somehow transform from reflection to showing the trapped soul of its victims inside. 

We solved the problem by supplying a piece of ESG Mirror Vue glass, which is a mirror in its off state, but when the panel is switched on it switches to being see through, which allowed the crew to put actors dressed as ghosts behind the mirror. This allowed the guests to view their own reflection but then at the flick of a switch they saw the ghoulish ghosts - with some hilarious effects - click the link below to see peoples reactions.

Oculus Preview

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