The Great ESG New Build.

As we have continued to grow over the last ten years, our investment program has always focused on our production infrastructure to ensure that our lead times are kept as low as possible whilst being able to maintain our quality standards. This has meant that as our customer base has grown and we have expanded the customer service team accordingly we have become a very tight team – in the literal sense of the word. However, now as part of our customer service development program we are adding a new 200m2 building next to our existing office on our Moss Road site.

This will allow us to gradually expand our team and help us to deal with our customers in an even more efficient way than they currently do. Preparation for the new building has already begun in early June. The drawing office has now been finally moved (after a few hiccups on the morning of the cabin lift) to another side of our site to make way for the new build. Drawing, along with the ‘Tech Team’ who are currently at our ESG2 site, will be housed in the new building when it is finished. Our accounts dept will also be moving from their current office into the 1st floor of the new building and their office will be turned into two purpose built meeting rooms. You can keep update with the progress at

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