4-6mm Silver Mirror

ESG Switchable™ Mirror Vue Glass is reflective like a standard mirror, but when projected onto from the rear, it produces an outstanding quality image that seems to appear from nowhere on the mirrored side. Once the projector is turned off, ESG Switchable™ Mirror Vue Glass becomes a mirror once more.

So how does this work? This one-way mirror glass has a reflective coating applied in a very thin, scant layer - so thin that it's called a half-silvered surface. This half-silvered surface will reflect about half the light that strikes its surface, while letting the other half go straight through.

ESG Switchable™ Mirror Vue Glass also offers an effective means of providing undetected surveillance and high quality one-way vision to achieve complete privacy. In order to maintain privacy in the observing area, the ratio of illumination levels between the public and private side must be at least 7:1.

ESG Switchable™ Mirror Vue Glass allows users to display fantastic images through the mirrored surface and is great for digital signage effects, whilst still having the advantage of a mirror when not in use. This is an ideal medium for use in retail establishments, reception areas, hotels, night clubs and bars where you can display selling messages or promote events. Its illuminating nature also makes it a suitable application for use in show stopping ‘reveals’ in museums, press conferences or at special events.

It can also be used for striking effect within high end residences to watch TV, stream movies, play games or display favourite family photos.

The Mirror projection screen is available in sizes up to 1800mm x 3210 mm and is available in any shape.

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