ESG Solarchromic™ - Climate Control Glass

With its electronically controllable tint, ESG’s Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass not only reduces a building’s energy consumption, it is also an attractive design feature for any window, conservatory, velux or rooflight.

Available in manual or automatic control, ESG Solarchromic™ panels can be controlled individually or as a multiple panel system.

Digitally responsive, ESG Solarchromic™ Climate Control Glass limits solar heat gain whilst adjusting the amount of glare. Reducing the need for blinds, it helps to create a more comfortable, stylish and sustainable glazed living or working space.

ESG’s Solarchromic™ is not simply a tinted glass. The intelligent glazed system uses electrical impulses to adopt new tones, instantly controlling the transmission of heat and light into a building. As an ideal adjustable solar controlled glass for windows, conservatories, loft conversions and glass roofs, it provides maximum comfort whilst saving a substantial amount of energy.

At ESG we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise so if you are not sure what Glass you need for your project please contact one of our Technical Glass Advisors.


ESG Solarchromic™ is available in sizes up to 1350x3300mm, custom shapes and sizes, and can be combined with any of ESG’s range of LCD privacy, security or fire resistant glass products for a total glass solution.


Unique Features

Creates a comfortable environment so that you can fully utilise your conservatory or glass room.
Low energy consumption (only the change in transmittance uses electrical energy)
Outstanding heat control in summer and a pleasant room climate
Shading by dimming the glass instead of mechanical blinds or sunshades
Significant reduction of glare and an unobstructed view to the outside
Costs for maintenance of shading systems can be saved
Reduction in air conditioning costs
Effective use of solar heating during winter
Ideal component for "smart buildings"
ESG Solarchromic™ wellness windows

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