ESG Pyrotech Achieves

ESG Pyrotech Achieves E60 into Timber

ESG Pyrotech has been a leading name in fire resistant glass for the last decade. Certified by Exova Warrington, our Certifire document covers both steel and timber installation.

Our integrity only fire glass has been certified for 30 and 60mins into steel frames and 30mins into timber.

However we are now pleased to announce, following recent testing at independent test centre – ‘Cambridge Fire Research’, we have now passed the 60mins into timber test.

Not only did we pass, ESG Pyrotech performed brilliantly. Lasting an impressive 78 mins before the test was stopped. A real validation that ESG Pyrotech is one of the best fire resistant glass ranges on the market today.

ESG are one of the UK’s leading fireproof glass manufacturers … click here to find out more.