Switchable ID debuts with Jack Barclay

ESG Switchable iD debuts with Jack Barclay

As leaders in the switchable LCD privacy glass market, ESG are always developing new and exciting ways to use Switchable LCD privacy glass. Launched in December 2017, ESG Switchable iD is a new product that allows the LCD film to display logos and words in addition to the panels still being able to switch fully clear to opague for normal privacy use.

This means that a single glass panel can now have four distinctive looks that are instantley changeable at the touch of a button. The first installation of this new product is now complete in the prestigious show rooms for Jack Barclay Bentley and Bugatti London on Berkley Square. Both brands are globally renowed for luxury and implentation of cutting edge technology, the desicion to include switchable iD in there new showrooms shows thier commitment to making their customers buying exerperience is as luxurious and hi-tec as the cars they sell.