UK Science Valley

UK Science Valley

Harwell Oxford is a science, innovation and business campus based in South Oxfordshire, at the heart of Science Vale UK. It is being developed as a world-class centre for science, technology and innovation. Over 4,500 people are part of this vibrant community, working in some 150 organisations including key UK Research Councils, start-ups and multi-national organisations focusing on a range of commercial applications including healthcare, medical devices, space, detector systems, computing, green enterprise and new materials.

Demand for space in the area has seen a dramatic up turn in the past two years. Many new companies are investing in new offices in the area and in December last year it was announced that the government was so impressed with the opportunities that the area was creating for UK technology, that it agreed to give funding of £7m towards a new £14m Innovation Hub in the area.

ESG Product Supplied: Partitions and Doors

  • 10mm Clear Toughened
  • 12mm Clear Toughened

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