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At ESG, we have created our own own innovative fire retardant extra-strength glass … ESG Pyrotech™. Since the initial conception nearly 20 years ago for the worlds leading architects, specifiers and installers – our fire retardant glass has become the ideal industry leading glass of its variety. ESG fire retardant glass can be utilised in a wide range of applications from partitioning to shower screens to glass doors.

ESG can provide a vast amount of additional extras due to its expertise and creative approach – examples include security glass, decorative panels and quality sound attenuation. This means ESG are the ultimate choice when choosing fire retardant glass for your projects.

The key function of fire retardant glass is to minimise the spread of flames, heat and dangerous smoke that stems from the source to other areas of the premises. Our glass is regularly utilised in the panels of fire retardant doors, allowing individuals to view the other sections of the building clearly, whilst maintaining the ultra-safe barrier provided by the doors.

Due to this being a necessity for the safety of the occupants, it is highly recommended that you ask for our expert advice regarding the specifications of glass … we are always happy to talk to you and point you in the right direction. Your safety is paramount!

This specialist glass is classified based on the degree that its features can delay the spread of a fire. This is calculated using time – so our fire glass has certification stating it can contain the dangerous elements for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. These are classified by our brands ESG Pyrotech™ E30, and ESG Pyrotech™ E60.

All Pyrotech™ E30, and ESG Pyrotech™ E60 glass is also rigorously tested in accordance with EH12600:2002 … the product has been given the highest class 1 rating.

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ESG’s advanced processing technique allows us to provide our glass with a variety of innovative extra options, this greatly helps when tackling some of the common and more unique challenges during build.


For extra Health & Safety assurance, it is possible to order both E30 and E60 in our laminated version. This is achieved by laminating two or more sheets of toughened glass together by utilising an innovative PVB interlayer. The interlayer is an important feature of the structure … if there is damage to the panel, the majority of the glass fragments will remain in the interlayer, keeping the glass in place and therefore greatly enhancing safety.

This not only significantly lessens the risk of harm from falling glass pieces, but also forces the pane to stay in its original position, creating a temporary barrier until replacement is possible. It is advised that the pane is replaced ASAP, but this feature does give you the option to avoid using wooden boarding.


ESG are experts when it comes to offering fire resistance combined with extra security! Utilising our state of the art range of secure interlayers (which are highly resistant to force) … we have created Pyrotech™ Secure, which has all the benefits of our secure range with the added benefits and reassurances of a fire retardant glass.

This range includes the EN356 product which gives extra resistance to manual attack. It also includes LPS1270 intruder resistant glass (burglar deterrent) and EN1063 (bullet resistance) which creates a protective barrier to stop criminals and terrorists. Due to its brilliantly unique multi-layered features, this glass also has useful sound attenuation properties.


ESG can also provide fire resistance combined with sound attenuation. Many of the worlds leading architects now prioritise noise reduction for both brand new properties and during renovation projects. Due to this demand, ESG have created Pyrotech™ Acoustic – this range uses a sound attenuating interlayer to help prevent noise while still giving you maximum reassurance and fire safety.

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ESG are one of the UK’s leading providers of LCD glass (also known as privacy glass). ESG Switchable™ and ESG Secure Vue™ are renowned products due to their practicality and high versatility.

Our innovative methods allow the glass to move from crystal clear to opaque at the simple touch of a button.


ESG Pyrotech™ will contain flames for a specified time-frame and has an impressive radiation rating of EW15 minutes. ESG offers both 30 or 60 minute ‘integrity only’ fire retardant glass that is available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit your requirements.


If you require a tougher fire protection shield, ESG also offer a multi-layered fire resistant product. Thanks to the multi-layered nature of the glass and high number of interlayers … ESG’s insulation options can give you maximum integrity combined with full insulation for as long as 120 minutes!

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